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The product that best fits you is a vape pen!

Vape Pen

Convenient and discreet, vape pens are a great way to get quick results and accurate dosing. Unlike products like tinctures and gummies that have a longer onset, vape pens give you results almost immediately.

Plus, they are lightweight and can go wherever you go.

Vapes are also great for people who are prone to GI issues or nausea because you don’t need to consume anything to get quick relief. All of our vape pens are made in-house with our pure whole-plant, full-spectrum, CO2 extracted extract.

Only the best for our vape pens!

Have questions about vape pens? Want to learn more about these products, or find similar products that fit your needs? Give us a call at 833-692-7239 for your free consultation. 

Relief is possible— we’ll help you find it!

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