Brady’s Rescue Bundle Pack

Bundle and save with Brady’s must-have Rescue Pack for anxiety and panic attacks.

Brady’s Rescue Bundle Pack

Includes 1 bottle of our beloved Compounded Cannabinoid Tincture and 1 500MG Rescue Vape Cartridge – so you can seize the day with confidence.

Grown on our farm in Pennsylvania. Handled with care by our endocannabinoid experts. Always made with lots of ❤️.

Completely Natural Ingredients – No PG, VG, PEG, Additives, Flavors, or Preservatives. Ever.

Contains less than 0.3% THC.



Why Brady’s Rescue Bundle Pack Is So Special:

Gives you the chance to try 2 of our best-selling products – at a discounted price.

Provides the much-needed relief you’re looking for – fast.

Offers extra support for symptoms of depression, anxiety, and panic attacks.

I have three vapes, my favorite and most used the “Rescue” Vape it helps with my panic and anxiety. I also have two others, one a cbd that helps with daily uncomfortable symptoms and another thc vape that helps so much with flashbacks and other tougher body symptoms. I really owe a lot to eddie and the rest of the group at Bradys. I am able to sleep most nights nightmare free and live my life again without serious life changing symptoms.


The Brady’s Botanicals Difference

At Brady’s Botanicals, we care about people and pets. Not profit. That’s why our products are created with high-quality ingredients you can trust.

Brady’s Rescue Bundle Pack Includes:

1 Bottle – 3480MG Compounded Cannabinoid Tincture – CCT

Our Compounded Cannabinoid Tincture, or CCT, is our biggest breakthrough in cannabinoid research to date. CTT was originally formulated to help taper severe anxiety, stress, and tension. We were shocked when many of our clients described our CCT as their natural remedy for “snapping out of a panic attack.”

1 Daytime Vape Cartridge – 500MG Rescue

Our Rescue Vape Cartridge is based on our winning CCT formula and has quickly become one of our best-selling vape cartridges at Brady’s Botanicals. This cartridge contains over 500MG of compounded cannabinoids that rapidly induce the entourage effect.

Rescue is an effective, natural option for when you need to subdue a panic attack. Plus, it’s particularly helpful for those with anxiety and depression according to our customers.

Battery not included – so make sure you add a battery at checkout if you need one.

How to Use Our CCT:


1. Enjoy So Many Ways.

Our favorite way to use it is under the tongue for 30 seconds and then swallow.

Suggested dosing for adults is 1 full dropper by mouth daily, and as needed.


2. Check In With Yourself.

No one knows your body better than you. Start out slow and see how you feel.


3. Meet Your New Daily Routine.

Having a stable level of healing properties in your system everyday will help you achieve the results you want overtime.

How to Use Our Rescue Daytime Vape Cartridges:


1. Take a Few Puffs.

Start out slow by taking a few puffs of your Rescue Vape Cartridge.


2. Experience Relief.

Inhalation is the quickest way to relief.


3. Your new daytime hero.

Our Rescue Vape Cartridges are best enjoyed during the day and will become your best ally for fast relief.


Bundle & Save


Bundle & Save


Wondering Where to Find Our Rescue Bundle Pack?

Buy our Rescue Bundle Pack online or in-store at our locations in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

If you’re buying online, you’ll receive a link to pay for your items via email. As soon as you check out, you’ll receive a confirmation email detailing your order. This email will also include the details to pay through our secure payment platform.

Not sure if this product is right for you? Call us at 833-692-7239. Our experts are ready to help you find the perfect product for your needs.

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