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Delta-8 THC Moon Rocks

Let us guide you on your personal journey to the pursuit of happiness, naturally.


According to our clients, our Moon Rocks are “out of this world!” The calming yet uplifting functional experience gives you the effect you’re looking for without making you feel tired. Our clients love our Moon Rocks so we recommend pre-ordering so you can get yours. 

Our Moon Rocks May Alleviate: 

  • Pain
  • Depression 
  • Poor Sleep 
  • Mental Clutter

How Our Moon Rocks Are Made: 

Step 1: Each one of our Moon Rocks begin with our cured, organic, and clean 18.556% CBD flower. 

Step 2: We expertly coat each Moon Rock with our potent and pure Delta-8 THC Distillate. 

Step 3: Each bud is then carefully rolled into our CBG Keif then dried. 

Step 4: We repeat this process one more time for a truly effective product. 

The end result of our process is ultra potency with a gratifying user experience. All while providing the therapeutic effects our clients rely on. 

How to use:

  • No need for a grinder. It’s simple. Just take 1 nug and break it apart. Moon Rocks are typically stronger than our other products. Start out by taking 1 slow draw by smoking your Moon Rocks out of your favorite pipe or bong. 
  • Our products are always USDA Organic, non-GMO, vegan, and free from herbicides and pesticides. 
  • All of our products are mailed in protective packaging to ensure client privacy. 
  • *1G available in store only*
  • View our 3rd party lab report for effectiveness & potency here.
  • Grown on our farm in Pennsylvania. Handled with care by our endocannabinoid experts. Always formulated for results & efficacy.

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