Meet Brady

Our Brady boy entered our lives on December 22, 2006.

As a puppy, he was keen on being held, and then without notice, he would turn on his turbo engine and race about the house (imagine the Tazmanian Devil)! 

His personality was such that our daughter gave him a mohawk haircut!

After a couple of months, his little bursts seemed to calm and he turned into a "hugger". Wherever/whenever we would find his head buried in one of our necks. 

As the years went by Brady gained another Cocker brother and our lives felt complete as a family. Then without warning, Brady became very ill and died of aggressive cancer at the young age of 9 years old. 

Shortly after Brady's passing, Sharon made it her mission to find preventatives and alternatives other than relying on conventional prescribed meds and checkups and that is when she turned to hemp/cannabis. 

As husband and wife, we dove into learning as much as possible. We filtered through a lot of false information and connected with industry leaders to learn more about the benefits of cannabis. Although impactful, we quickly came to realize that there was much work to do with destigmatizing and educating the common public on the power of the plant.

Although its been years since Brady's passing we can't help but imagine if we knew about the true power of this plant and regimented it in his life on a daily basis, could we have prevented or at least extended his life with us?

With Brady being the impetus of realizing our true calling to helping others understand our mantra of "make us your first choice, not your last resort". Our entire family (including our furbabies) now have incorporated our products into our lives on a daily basis as a preventative.

We give our dogs a daily dose!

All of our dogs are on a daily hemp regimen.

Although our pets are healthy and living their best lives, we administer a daily dose as a preventative. The dose is meant to keep their endocannabinoid systems firing properly.  

do we sell treats?

No, and there's a reason.

We are asked all the time about selling dog treats, and given the popularity, we are not surprised. One thought is that they are convenient but you're about to learn why we don't have them in our product line. 

Our clients purchase our tinctures for managing conditions like:

  • Arthritis & joint pain
  • Anxiety
  • Tumors
  • Seizures & Epilepsy 
  • GI issues
  • Skin related issues

It's easy to think that choosing a bag of commercial CBD treats is benefiting your pet. Just because the treats have CBD oil, does that mean your dog’s actually getting the benefits?

Here's what we know:

One of the challenges of baking CBD into treats is that the cannabinoid will degrade in the cooking process. That means the CBD that was added prior to cooking to the treats is less and you won't know by how much unless the company runs testing post-cooking. 

Also, many treats that we see on the market contain artificial flavors and preservatives and the active CBD is just not enough to have an impact.

Dosage matters.

Weight and severity of condition come into play when it comes to accurately dose your pet. Refer to our general dosage recommendation guide on our site. 

We recommend that you contact us for a free consultation so we may help you with a regimen and specific dose for your pet.

Whole Plant Full Spectrum Extracts.

For maximum benefits, it is best that you administer our legitimate whole plant full spectrum extract. We highly recommend that you administer the oil directly into their mouth (gum line).

Our dogs line up for their daily dose but if you find that your dog is a little fussy when you attempt to administer, you can always add the drops of the extract onto one of their favorite treats!

Dosing your Pets

Dogs, Cats, and Birds are the most common pets that our clients purchase our products for. Our general dosing guide is based on canine studies and feedback collected from our clients that use our products for their pets.