Whole Plant Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Tinctures

400mg | 900mg | 3000mg | 7100mg | 8200mg


For dosing instructions see dosing CHART

Remember you cannot overdose your pet on the hemp oil.  Finding the correct dosage is essential for optimal benefits. These are only estimated ranges and all animals have different sensitivities. It is always better to start on a lower dose and add slowly over time.

Administering on an empty stomach directly into the mouth, under the tongue is the preferred method. An alternative method is placing the oil on their favorite treat. Allow an extra 2-3 drops for absorption. 

There is no waiting period to eat and drink.

By design we do not sell dog treats. Our mission at Brady's Botanicals is to offer quality and effective products to your pets. The most effective way to achieve maximum benefits is to have your pets use our Whole Plant Full Spectrum Hemp Oil sublingually ( on the k9 is fine ). If you choose to place a few drops on a treat, who knows better than you, as to what their favorite treat is. Make sure to give a few extra drop when placed on a treat though.

Please be aware we are unable to answer individual animal health questions. Please consult your veterinarian for specific medical advice for your pet.

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How to give Whole Plant Full Spectrum Hemp Oil to your precious pets.

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