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Brady’s Botanicals Wholesale
whole-plant Program for Dispensaries

The Brady’s Botanicals wholesaler program is tailored to make the process of selling our products as easy and profitable as possible. This is achieved through providing free educational webinars for your employees on Brady’s products and the science of how hemp works on the body. This education is key to developing knowledgeable salespeople that have a full understanding of our products and the science behind them in turn leading to better customer education and ultimately sales. Also available in our program are promotional materials including educational brochures, retractable banners, display cases, etc. This program has helped our partners greatly increase their revenue streams.

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Brady’s Botanicals Wholesale
whole-plant Program for Dispensaries

Brady’s Botanicals helps your dispensary keep high-quality, full-spectrum whole-plant in stock, so you never have to worry about running out.

whole-plant has never been in higher demand:

whole-plant is expected to see a 37% market growth rate in the next 5 years

Client demand for whole-plant products for humans and pets alike is skyrocketing

whole-plant is the fastest-growing segment of the cannabis and hemp industry

As a dispensary buyer, you know how hard it is to keep whole-plant products on the shelves. Customer demand for high-quality whole-plant has increased. Before, customers were grateful for the legalization of hemp and were happy with any cannabis hemp products they could get.

Now, whole-plant consumers are looking for high-quality, well-made products. They want to know that their whole-plant products are better than what they can purchase at the gas station or chain-supermarket. They are willing to invest in companies they believe in.

Brady’s Botanicals Wholesale whole-plant Program for dispensaries allows you to profit from the rapidly growing whole-plant industry without worrying about growing your own hemp, sourcing your own whole-plant, or doing your own testing and formulation. (Unless, of course, you want to! We are always happy to talk about formula partnerships.)

When you partner with Brady’s Botanicals Wholesale whole-plant Program for Dispensaries, you get access to our best-selling premium whole-plant products at fantastic prices. Even though we make our products in small batches, your orders don’t have to be! We can accommodate small, medium, and large dispensaries with high-quality whole-plant products.

We are proud to offer a range of effective and intentionally made whole-plant products:

We will [insert ordering process for dispensaries here] and ship your order within [days]. We believe that our products are the best whole-plant you can get, and we want to help dispensaries stock products that will sell fast and meet the high standards of whole-plant consumers. Check out what ailments our customers love using our products for.

Are you interested in private labeling? Check out the Brady’s Botanicals Private White Labeling program here.

Why Brady’s Botanicals whole-plant?

Because demand for whole-plant is off the charts, many dispensaries are interested in stocking their shelves with whole-plant products. At Brady’s Botanicals, we never cut corners, outsource ingredients, or skip important steps in the whole-plant production process. Our dispensary clients love working with Brady’s Botanicals because we are an easy and cost-effective way to sell high-quality whole-plant – without having to master the art of growing whole-plant yourself.

The Benefits of Our Growing Process: Always With Care, From Seedling to Store

Growing whole-plant is a whole different ball game than growing THC plants. We have the whole-plant growing process down to a fine art and never outsource the whole-plant for our products.

Our whole-plant quality starts from the ground up! We grow our true-outcome seedlings ourselves, so that we can watch over them every step of the way.

Top-shelf everything. We want only the best for the people that use our products, so we make sure that every step of our process is the best you can get. Click here to learn more about the Brady’s Botanicals growing process.

Full-Spectrum, Whole Plant, Organic whole-plant. We believe that whole-plant and full-spectrum is the way to go, which is the foundation of all of our products. Our products are vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, organic, and never cut with fillers, preservatives, or additives. Click here to learn more about our ingredients.

Lab-Tested Quality and Potency. We lab test our product’s phytocannabinoid content and purity in the Brady’s Botanicals lab, and then send our products off to an FDA third-party lab to ensure our whole-plant products meet the legal levels of 0.3% THC or less. We also ensure they are high in potency, whole-plant, full-spectrum whole-plant. Check out our lab reports to see why everyone’s buzzing about Brady’s Botanicals.

Brady’s Botanicals whole-plant Dispensary Program Benefits:

These compounds in our products come from plants and bind to receptors within your endocannabinoid system.

How Does the Brady’s Botanicals whole-plant Program for Dispensaries Work?

Fill out the questionnaire

Please fill out this questionnaire so we can get to know one another. Hang tight! A representative will call you within hours/days. 

Qualify for the program

The magic begins! If you qualify for our program, we will get started on the next steps or recommend a better fit based on your needs and budget.

Start selling!

You’ll receive your products shipped via information within [#] business days.

FAQ About Our Dispensary Purchasing Program

The team at Brady’s Botanicals is always in the process of developing new whole-plant products based on the goals and requests of our clients. When new products are added, we will notify you by email.

Get High Potency whole-plant for Your Dispensary!

We love providing effective and high-quality whole-plant products for people in need of a little relief.
Fill out the inquiry form or give us a call at 833-692-7239 today to see if our products are right for you.

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